Vortex Dynamics Research Group Seminars

Our group meets weekly (or so) on Tuesdays to have an informal seminar at 1pm room 3B of the Mathematical Institute. The main topic is Geophysical Fluid Dynamics but other topics in the area of Fluid Dynamics are considered.  Everybody is welcome. (Note: as they are group seminars, some talks might be a bit technical.)

Talks (2005/2006)

Tuesday 18 October : Chuong Van Tran, "2D Turbulence (part 1)"

Tuesday 25 October : Chuong Van Tran, "2D Turbulence (part 2)"

Tuesday 29 November : Ali Mohebalhojeh, "Contour-advective semi-Lagrangian algorithms for the spherical shallow water equations"

Tuesday 6 December : William McKiver, "The extended quasi-geostrophic model"

Tuesday 13 December : David Dritschel, "Vanishing scalar variance in 2D turbulence in the limit of zero viscosity"

Tuesday 10 January: Jean Reinaud, "Destructive interactions between two counter-rotating geophysical vortices"

Tuesday 7 February: Alvaro Viudez, "The vorticity-velocity gradient cofactor tensor and the material invariant of the semigeostrophic theory"

Tuesday 28 February: David Dritschel, "Vanishing enstrophy dissipation in 2D turbulence"

Tuesday 7 March: David Devlin, "The effect of decentring on a semi-implicit integration scheme, and its applications"

Tuesday 14 March: Jemma Shipton, "Balance and gravity waves in shallow water turbulence"

Tuesday 21 March: Robert Smith, "Revisiting the Rossby-Haurwitz wave test case with Contour Advection"

Tuesday 28 March: Ross Bambrey, "Strong interactions between co-rotating quasi-geostrophic vortices"

Tuesday 11 April: Chuong Van Tran, "Phenomenology of turbulent cascades in a general class of two-dimensional turbulence"

Tuesday 18 April: Jean Reinaud, "The merger of two-dimensional radially-stratified high-Froude number vortices"

Thursday 20 April: Jurgen Theiss (visitor), "New features in geostrophic turbulence"

Tuesday 2 May: William McKiver, "Nonlinear quasi-geostrophic balance model"

Tuesday 9 May: Ersin Ozugurlu, "Interaction between two quasi-geostrophic vortices of unequal intensity"

Tuesday 16 May; Ali Mohebalhojeh, TBA

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