Jean's higher education

  •  1991  - Baccalaureat serie C

  •  1991/3  - Mathematiques superieures et Mathematiques speciales P'

  •  1996  - Engineering degree in Aeronautical Constructions (ENSICA, Toulouse, France -- now ISAE-Supaero).
  •                 - D.E.A. in Fluid Mechanics (INP Toulouse/ENSICA, Toulouse, France), mention tres bien.
  •  2000 - PhD in Fluid Dynamics at the INP Toulouse:
  •                 "Analyse physique par simulations numeriques lagrangiennes de couches de melange a densite variable". Abstract
                     Supervisors: Prof. P. Chassaing & Dr. L. Joly
                     Thesis awarded the Prix Leopold Escande from the INPT, 2001

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