PhD studentship
School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Mathematics and statistics at the University of St Andrews invites applications for an EPRSC funded PhD studentship in the Vortex Dynamics Research Group. Research projects are available across a wide range of areas of geophysical fluid dynamics, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Three dimensional vortex dynamics: the stability and interactions of coherent vortices in a Boussinesq fluid; the spontaneous generation of unbalanced flows from unsteady balanced flows.

2. Geostrophic turbulence: the formation and maintenance of zonal jets in atmospheres and oceans and their interaction with waves and eddies; mixing properties and zonal jets as transport barriers.

3. Large-scale dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere and climate: coupling processes between the stratosphere and troposphere, and between tropical and midlatitudes; atmospheric transport and mixing.

4. Internal solitary waves in the Ocean: numerical and experimental modelling of (i) re-suspension events associated with internal solitary waves and (ii) the interaction between surface waves and internal waves.

5. Fundamentals of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: theory of energy transfer, dissipation, and solution regularity; direct numerical simulation of turbulent cascades in two and three dimensions.

6. Numerical methods in geophysical fluid dynamics.

Potential funding is available immediately to exceptional candidates via a UK EPSRC doctoral training grant on a first come, first served basis, with an anticipated start date prior to January 2014. Applications are also invited on an ongoing basis for PhD positions anticipated to begin in September 2014.

Informal enquiries are welcome to David Dritschel ( or Richard Scott ( Formal applications should be made to the University of St Andrews via the electronic application form available at

Further information about the Vortex Dynamics Research Group is available at